Ice Bumper Cars
A women and young boy are laughing in the Ice Bumper Cars


Mar 09, 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


$6 Bumper Cars Only • $12 Ice Bumper Cars & Skating • $14 Ice Bumper Cars, Skating, & Skate Rental

Ice Bumper Cars

From younger kids alternating joysticks to spin around tilt-a-whirl style, to seniors who still possess that inner child, our ice bumper cars are for people of all ages. Differing from the traditional bumper car, the ice bumper car experience is much more fluid.

Ice bumper cars are available for private group rentals, birthday parties, and when scheduled alongside select Public Skating events. Kids must be at least three years old to ride with an adult; six years old and 42” tall to drive. Rides last for 10 minutes per session.

As long as the ice isn’t sectioned off with skating on the other side, we bring you GLOW IN THE DARK ice bumper cars! Above the tube on each car is an LED strip that will light up solidifying the cherry on top of these wondrous rides.


How to Drive

Driving an ice bumper car is easy! Each car features two joysticks to the left and right of the driver’s seat, allowing riders to steer the car forward, backward, left and right. Moving the sticks in opposite directions allows drivers to spin. Letting go of the joysticks brings the car to a complete stop.

Each ride experience includes a brief safety and instruction video, plus the ride. Riders must be ready 10 minutes before their assigned time slot.

How Do They Work?

Each car is powered by an electric motor that turns two wheels beneath each car. These wheels feature special, custom-made rubber tires that provide traction but won’t damage the ice surface. They allow riders to slide as they bump into one another. Every car is surrounded by a large PVC air tube that provides protection for the car frame and absorbs the impact of collisions for the rider who is comfortably seated in a molded fiberglass shell.

Rider Requirements:

  • Drivers must be age 6 or older and at least 42 inches tall.
  • To carry passengers, the operator must be age 18 or older, and passengers are limited to children ages 3–5.
  • Riders must wear flat, closed-toe-shoes—flip flops, sandals, and heeled shoes are prohibited.
  • Maximum weight per car: 300 pounds