Pucks & Paws Game (bring your dog): Jamestown Rebels vs Northeast Generals - Northwest Arena


Northwest Arena


Nov 06, 2021


7:05 pm - 9:30 pm

Pucks & Paws Game (bring your dog): Jamestown Rebels vs Northeast Generals

Ever wanted to come to the game but didn’t want to leave your fury friend at home? Now you can bring them along!

Join us our second annual Pucks & Paws game on November 6th, 2021, where you can bring your dog to the game! Dogs enter the game for free! All fans who bring their dog to the game must complete, sign and hand in a waiver form before entry. Waiver forms will be available at the door the day of the game, as well as for download online for print.

The waiver form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Rebels Pucks and Paws Waiver

The waiver form states that you understand and agree to comply with all official Rules and Regulations for Pucks & Paws Night. Please find the official Rules and Regulations below:

– All participants must complete and sign waiver before entering the game with their dog.
– Limit one dog per person.
– Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
– Dogs must sit in the designated sections, which are sections 15-22. Dogs ARE permitted on the other side of the track, but not in the seating areas. Only service dogs are permitted in the café and bar areas.
– Owners are responsible for cleaning, bagging and disposing of any waste created.
– Dogs that are in-season are not permitted to attend.
– Dogs must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations in order to attend: RabiesDHLPParvovirus and Bordatella.
– Dogs in attendance should be comfortable and friendly around other dogs and people in a public setting.
– Any fans or dogs acting inappropriately will be asked to leave.

– If your dog needs to use the restroom, you may utilize the exit doors along the track behind Sections 11, 14, and 22, as well as the main entrance. Please note that exits along the track lock from the inside after closing. Dogs that have to go #1 are permitted to do so along the sidewalk on arena property. For dogs who have to go #2, a garbage bin will be available outdoors for waste disposal. Waste baggies will be provided for fans to use as well.

– There will be relief stations set up along the arena track with various supplies. This will include water dishes that can be used at any time for dogs, waste baggies, and cleaning supplies in the event of an indoor accident.
– Fans need to be aware that the arena can become loud before, during and after the game. This includes loud music, goal horns, flashing and dancing lights on the ice and in the seating area and loud talking over the speaker system from our PA announcer. For the safety and comfortability of all dogs and fans in attendance, our in-game music will be toned down heavily.
– Dogs bark. We get that. If your dog barks a bit during the game, that’s okay. However, if your dog continues to bark for an extended period of time, please remove the dog from the playing area until under control.

The Jamestown Rebels thank you for your understanding and cooperation for this event. We’ll see you and your canine friend at the game!

Ticket Pricing:
  • Adults: $10
  • Youth (18 & Under):$6
  • Seniors (60+), Military & First Responders: $8

Tickets are only available at the door.