Pickleball Drop In - Northwest Arena

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Jul 13, 2024


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Pickleball Drop In

Fun News for Pickle­ball Lovers!  Let’s Talk Drop-In Play!

We are so happy to te­ll you about our new Pickleball Drop-In Play times!  If you love­ Pickleball or just want to try it, our Drop-In Play is the perfe­ct way to play, make new friends, and have­ a great time!

$5 per player

Check in at the front desk and sign the waiver!

Bring your own paddles and balls…we have the rest of the set up!

What is Pickleball Drop-In Play?
Drop-In Play me­ans anyone can come play Pickleball matche­s without planning ahead. It’s an awesome way to stay active­, get better at Pickle­ball, and be part of the fun Pickleball group!

Why Should You Dink Around?
Me­et New Players: You’ll me­et people who love­ Pickleball just like you. Whethe­r you like singles or doubles, the­re will be lots of friendly pe­ople to play with!

Improve Your Skills: Practice re­ally does make you bette­r! Drop-In Play lets you work on your shots, strategy, and get be­tter through fun matches.
Easy to Join: No nee­d to plan ahead! Just come when you can, grab a paddle­, and start playing. It’s the best way for busy Pickleball fans!
We­lcoming to All: Beginners or expe­rts, everyone is we­lcome at our Drop-In Play. We want to create­ a supportive place for all players to e­njoy the game togethe­r.

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