About Northwest Arena

Located across from the National Comedy Center, Jamestown’s newest world-class attraction, the Northwest Arena is the heart of the city’s indoor activity throughout the year. A multi-use facility with dual ice pads, snack bar, and lounge, residents and visitors alike regularly head to the arena for public skating, ice bumper cars, skate ‘n shoot hockey, backyard curling, walking and running on the “cool” track. More than just a center for sports and physical activity, people of all ages come to the arena to be with friends and catch up on the latest community news.

The Northwest Arena is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization founded in 2002 as an economic development initiative for downtown Jamestown and is funded by public and private organizations, rentals tickets sales, and private donations. Since opening, it has hosted a large number of sports events and popular entertainers and currently draws an estimated 250,000 visitors per year.

An Arena Club entertainment space and rink side stadium seating provide venues for meetings, comedy nights, and special events. Most notably, the Northwest Arena hosts comedy performances during the annual Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy each August.

Many activities take place weekly on a regular schedule with drop-in times for skating, hockey, and walking. Hockey tournaments and special ticketed events might interrupt the routine so be sure to check the daily schedule.